Can i use epoxy or resin for crafts?

Epoxy resin has become a very popular craft in recent years, and we can see why. Resin is an exciting and unique craft that you can use to produce useful and beautiful items. Resin has similar qualities to plastic and glass, making it ideal for a variety of crafts. Basically, you can cast epoxy resin on almost any clean, grease-free surface.

For the production of epoxy resin paints, we recommend the use of wood paint backgrounds. Unlike canvas, these do not bend and are therefore ideal. Envirotex Lite is a brand of epoxy resin that you can use for your jewelry crafts, cup art and coasters, as well as for many other resin crafts. This clear resin cures to a thick, shiny coating in approximately 8 hours at 70 F, and reaches full cure in approximately 48 hours.

This resin for art supplies from the ProMarine team ensures that every spill, whether you're coating your artwork to protect it or using resin in combination with acrylic paint to create your next masterpiece. Use a wooden pouring surface along with resin to create a unique piece of wall art that has a unique geode effect. It is also very easy to use, there are no additional components for this deep pour resin, all you need to do is mix the resin and hardener in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer and pour it into the voids of the workpiece. While this isn't a beginner's resin project, deep reins projects are a lot of fun to do and produce some of the most beautiful resin art creations out there today.

If you're here for resin crafts, scroll down for an incredible list for beginners and beyond. Pro Marine Proart is a versatile resin that is very good for a wide range of artistic applications, and is also suitable for the production of epoxy jewelry. Professional epoxy resins also use the highest quality UV filter possible to prevent yellowing or discoloration of the resin and the color it contains. Epoxy resin offers possibilities for artistic and craft processing that can hardly be compared to any other raw material.

If your resin crafts are for pendants, jewelry molds, glasses, coasters, or geode resin art, then you can consider a resin that doesn't necessarily have to be a deep pour resin. This particular resin is fantastic for making resin jewelry such as resin earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, it is ideal for resin cutting boards, coasters and is wonderful when used as a protective layer. While there are many types of resins, few are used as widely as polyurethane resin and its subsequent castings. Because this brand also sells molds in various sizes and levels of detail, its epoxy resin is specifically formulated to provide strength even on small and delicate parts, making it ideal for jewelry or model making because small parts are less likely to break when the finished part is removed from the mold.

Elizabeth needed some hair clips to gracefully combat the Texas summer heat, so she thought it would be fun to add aluminum scales to the resin to create classy hair pins. They are also quite committed to limiting their carbon footprint by exclusively using solvents and other substances that are completely free of VOCs, which is a difficult task considering that it can be difficult to find a resin coating that does not contain any VOCs these days. They have incredible tensile strength and can be fused to a surface at the molecular level or fused with other forms of acrylic resin to create what looks like seamless glass. .